RY COOPER - '1983'/'The Life Game' (Musicor MU-1148) February 1966

This was the first and only 45 by Ry Cooper a.k.a. Rusty Evans who went on to release albums (with associates) as The Deep and The Freak Scene. He also had connections with The Nervous Breakdowns and The Third Bardo as a producer....he was very much a psychedelic pioneer although this rare single on Musicor Records is raw folk-rock.

The gruff and pissed off vocals are perfect for this type of protest music. It appears that '1983' was the top side as this was the song given a Chart spotlight in Billboard during February 1966.


  1. Hi,
    I only just started to follow Kai's blog and his followers. We're on the same wavelength (at least music-wise). We (Chris and I) have been fanatic record collectors for ages, i.e. the real stuff. The internet gives more access to other people with the same taste. It is not easy to find them now, since you're regarded as exotic when you're older. And of course it's not vinyl one collects now.
    Keep on!
    By the way we have not a music blog of our own, but of course follow people all over the world. I listen to music all day long and profit from things like Last FM etc.


  2. Thanks Brigitte....keep checking into my site for lot's of obscure 60s recordings....


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