THE FREAK SCENE - 'A Million Grains Of Sand' (Columbia CS 9456) April 1967

'Psychedelic Psoul' was the fascinating and tripped out work of Rusty Evans who had earlier blew the minds of whoever found the time to listen to his earlier recordings as The Deep. Before the latter, Rusty released a far-out punked up folk-rocker as Ry Cooper. Those two releases will be covered on 'Flower Bomb Songs' in the near future.

'Psychedelic Psoul' was listed as a new release in Billboard trade magazine during April 1967 but that seems to be about as much exposure as The Freak Scene got despite being on a huge label like Columbia Records. Even the group members are a mystery, although it is probable that Rusty Evans was aided in the studio by Mark Barkan who is listed on the back of The Deep album. Mark has been mentioned on my site before when I reviewed 'Wait 'Til Tomorrow', the baroque sunshine pop 45 by The Banana Splits...

'A Million Grains Of Sand' is an eastern raga psych mindblower that opens Side One of 'Psychedelic Psoul' and it's certainly an acid treat. Curiously, Rusty Evans re-recorded the song for his 1969 album released as "Marcus"

"Like a million grains of sand
Through the fingers of my hand.
Falling grains are just like dreams,
I wish I could understand"

handwritten lyrics


  1. I recently scored a cheap original copy of the LP in Denmark, and I must say that I much prefer this to The Deep. I find that the melodies are better and the novelty feel is less apparent on this record. Rusty Evans really was a pioneer though.


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