THE FOLKLORDS - 'Jennifer Lee' (Lion-LP 104) 1969

Under the spotlight today is this charming acid folk album by The Folklords titled 'Release The Sunshine'. One look at the kaleidoscopic cover with members of The Folklords dressed in their hippie psychedelic garb, the genius title of the album displayed in a tripped out ornamental lace mat and the font used for "The Folklords" indicate to me that the listener will be in for something special.

The Folklords formed sometime in 1968 in Toronto, Ontario and signed a contract with independent Canadian label Allied Records. The same label as The Plastic Cloud, another obscure but equally appealing psychedelic combo.

At the time of recording 'Release The Sunshine', The Folklords had no drummer so the eighteen year old son of Allied Records staff producer stepped in. His drumming technique can be described as basic but I feel that only adds to the greatness of the record as a whole. All twelve songs on the album were group originals, written by bass player Tom Waschkowski and guitarist Paul Seip. The ever-present autoharp played by Martha Johnson adds to the acid dreaminess.

The original album on Allied Records sank without trace but is now highly sought after and exchanges for upward $400. Fortunately, in 2007, Lion Productions re-issued "Release The Sunshine" on vinyl in a quantity of 700 copies. These were promptly sold out within days and even the re-issue is a hard one to find!


  1. A great piece of acid folk wonderment and the auto harp really
    makes it. Allied were an excellent
    label as well as the mighty Plastic
    Cloud, the 1st Reign Ghost album is
    pretty fabulous.


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