THE DEEP - 'Color Dreams' (Cameo-Parkway P 7051) November 1966

I'm still on my Rusty Evans trip at the moment and have been diggin' this 1966 album by The Deep who were a studio based group comprising Rusty and Mark Barkan. Just check out the cover art with that hallucinatory figure armed with a guitar, the psychedelic font used for the album title is a trip with it's garish pink, off-set by the sky blue song-titles on a jet black background.

Even if you had never heard of The Deep in '66, the sleeve alone would have been enough persuasion for the acid munching youth to pick it from the rack to get some of that Deep action.

'Color Dreams' is an obvious highlight from this long-player but I can't help but feel that it's a Kim Fowley 'Trip' rip-off. But I don't care about that. Rusty's deep gruff vocals again hit the mark just like they did on the Ry Cooper 45 (reviewed last time out). This is psychedelic rapping over fuzz guitars....

“Blue black purple mac
Orange yellow funny fellow
White brown pink town
Orange red pink bed
We’ll pretend yellow man
Jesus saves planet rays
Green red Commie dead
Blue green yellow scream
Spanish fly golden eye 
Pearly white outta sight..."     


  1. I can imagine Sky Saxon singing this number. Love the use of tympani and tubular bells!

  2. Don't know if you're aware of this, but Mark Barkan was also one of the guys behind the Banana Splits.


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