US & THEM - Us & Them EP (Fruits de Mer - vol. eight) December 2009

One of my 'discoveries' of 2011 were Swedish duo Us & Them, Anders plays all instruments and Britt sings like a Nightingale. This three song EP was released in a quantity of 500 by new English indie label Fruits de Mer during December 2009 and every copy sold within weeks, indeed this record is already commanding bids above $50 on Ebay.

The music on offer is acoustic based; very haunting textures are formed within their aural soundscapes. The lush dreamlike patterns are brushed with colours of melancholy and it's obvious that Us & Them have perfectly mastered the late 60s' early 70s acid-folk sound from England.

'Dialogue' also known as 'I Want To Be Alone' is a version of Jackson C Frank's folk gem from 1965. Anyone choosing his work to interpret has got to be taken seriously. That guy influenced many a folk troubadour including Nick Drake, but is largely unknown and forgotten.

Other covers follow with 'Home To Stay' originally recorded by Tudor Lodge. The other side of the disc has a quite brilliant version of 'Julia Dream' by Pink Floyd interwoven with an olde English traditional lullaby called 'All The Pretty Little Horses'. 


  1. A truly beautiful version of Jackson's paean to Sandy Denny. This track is so good it brings Jonathon and Leigh or Serpent Power
    to mind


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