US & THEM - 'Summerisle' EP (Fruits de Mer Vol. 20) October 2011

Us & Them really deliver the goods with this stupendous four song EP of Paul Giovanni covers taken from the soundtrack of an early 70s cult movie from Britain called 'The Wicker Man'....Quite simply, along with Kes, one of the best films ever made and easily THEE best soundtrack.

It must have been an impossible task to reproduce the brilliance of Giovanni's original acid-folk songs but Us & Them really capture the macabre sounds and eerie mood of them all. The perfect musicianship and the addition of mellotron and dulcimer into the mix create brilliant new interpretations of 'Corn Rigs', 'Gently Johnny', 'Fire Leap' and 'Willow's Song'.

The record was at first released in the usual Fruits de Mer quantity of 500. These sold out within a week, so an additional 200 copies were pressed which also sold out immediately. The label design shows a psychedelicalized picture of the famous Alan Wicker...ha ha ha...hilarious.

Check out the original 'Corn Rigs' version here from my archives.


  1. A lovely Autumnal air that brings Fit & Limo to mind, quite brilliant!


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