MIKE WALLACE - 'Daffodil'/'Early Morning Bird' (Major Minor MM 668) 1970

Most lovers of late 60s English underground psych will be familiar with an earlier Mike Wallace 45 on Polydor Records 'Natural High'/'Mandarin' and a pleasing pop psych double sider it is too.

I never realised that Mike Wallace had another overlooked and obscure 45 released on Major Minor until I found a copy late last year. This record has a similar pop psych approach with an obvious Donovan influence. 'Daffodil' is lyte pop with orchestration, a perfect lazy Summer's day sound. Sadly no one was listening or cared and the record has remained in obscurity until I've resurrected it today.

'Early Morning Bird' is also an engaging lyte pop dream, but more acoustic and folk rock than 'Daffodil'. I love this type of sound. Mike Wallace rules...


  1. Really nice! Thank you very much for sharing.

  2. A really fine little gem, with touches of Mark Fry and Timon along with Donovan of course, once again I am in your debt Colin.

  3. Hello - I knew Mike in London in the early 1970s. Sure its the same chap - he had a mini with a Union Jack on the roof! Daffodil was always a favourite at gigs. I wonder where you are now Mike?

    1. Hi there,it's Mike here. Who is this?,I'm intrigued to know.

  4. Recently bought the Piccadilly Sunshine boxed set. Daffodil is one of the best in the collection.


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