THE LEARS - I Won't Remind You (Lears - Part 1)

THE LEARS - 'I Won't Remind You'/'A Flash Of Light' (Susstones IMS-581) 1993

After Green Today disbanded Paul Mutchler and Ken Chiodini teamed up with Dennis Dalcin (editor of Kaleidoscope fanzine and the individual resposible for the Exploding Underground compilation) and bass player Steve Rybko during the Summer of 1990.

It took almost three years before The Lears released any vinyl but eventually a debut 45 came out on Susstones, a  Minneapolis label noted for taking an interest in 60s influenced outfits. Other Susstones releases include singles by The Funseekers, Manual Scan and The Shambles.

'I Won't Remind You' is fine fast paced Byrdsian raga jangle with a psychedelic tinge. The Byrds influence cannot be denied and I'm sure McGuinn would really dig the efforts of The Lears with this gem written by 12-string Rickenbacker picker Paul Mutchler.

The flip 'A Flash Of Light', written by Dennis Dalcin cleverly combines jangle with a Bo Diddley unusual combination but it works.

Interesting to note that the name The Lears derives from 60s aircraft the Lear Jet. Roger McGuinn was a noted enthusiast of the plane and wrote '2-4-2 Fox Trot (The Lear Jet Song)' as a tribute to it's manufacturer John Lear.

THE LEARS - I Won't Remind You


  1. excellent single!

    i didn't know about the name of the band!

    Dennis was also in the early 80s in a band called The Shades that did a single

    for fans of powerpop / Jam / Who etc.

  2. I bought this 45 at the time after a rave review in "Bucketful Of Brains", and as ever Colin you are right, it is utterly brilliant!!!


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