THE LEARS - Fanzine Reviews (Lears - Final Part)

THE LEARS - 'The Story So Far' (Get Hip 1058CD) 1997

By the time Get Hip Recordings released The Lears CD the group had already disbanded. It's an essential CD to add to your collection because it contains most of the early 45 sides (apart from 'Thimble Full Of Puzzles' and the Pretty Things cover 'You Don't Believe Me').

As well as the singles, previously unreleased songs are present including recordings made at King Snake Studio and Hitmaker Studio sometime in 1995. The new songs seem to indicate a more experimental and psychedelic approach that The Lears seem more than capable of indulging in especially on mindblowers like 'Electric Mushroom Voyage' and 'Thee Iguana Theme'.

The ultra great folk jangler 'Then You Want' (easily my favourite Lears tune) was given the honour by Timothy Gassen to appear in MP3 format on his 'Knights Of Fuzz' CD-ROM.  You can hear this on my YouTube Channel. That's The Gruesomes pictures on the cover by the way...not The Lears.

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