THE LEARS - I Saw You (Lears - Part 3)

THE LEARS - '4 x 4' EP (Lollipop Shop LSP 002) August 1994 

On this four song EP The Lears have certainly executed the 1966 Byrds sound to perfection. The music on offer is a veritable overdose of 12 string jangle. The rough and basic production puts their sound in the folk garage box of tricks.

The best song on the EP is the terrific Paul Mutchler original 'Then You Want'. This cut would easily fit on 'The Notorious Byrd Brothers'. It's a modern day classic. Brilliant 12 string Rickenbacker action, simple but effective drums and Byrdsian harmonies. This could almost be McGuinn and Crosby. They've kissed and made up!!!

'Thimble Full Of Puzzles' is an extra-ordinary raga rock instrumental. Yet again it's a 12 string jangle collision course and we're on the road to Columbia Studios, Hollywood and Gary Usher is at the controls...For some reason this track was not included on The Lears retrospective CD on Get Hip. Not sure's killer.

All in all folks this is a priceless EP record by The Lears. If you dig Byrdsian magic add this artifact to your collection if you ever see it for sale.

When I originally posted this entry on my site Dennis Dalcin got in touch with the following information:

"Dennis Dalcin here of The Lears...I just wanted to add to the information provided. 

Paul wrote the music for "Annabel Lee" which is a poem by Edgar Allen Poe. "Thimble Full Of Puzzles" came from a riff that had been going round my head for days before we jammed this out as a band. So I came up with the title and riff and everyone else contributed their parts to it. I'm really glad to hear that you liked it!! 

It didn't get included on our Get Hip CD because we wanted to let people hear another song by the band that had not previously been released. 

All these songs were recorded in a garage with a Tascam 4-Track cassette recorder (as was all of our Get Hip CD). Add to that it was our first attempt at recording the band. We actually recorded the majority of a second CD in a real 24-track studio that has all the power we had live, but couldn't get on the 4-track recordings. Since Paul has no desire to see those tracks released I doubt that it will ever see the light of day. Too bad really because it sounds so much better than any of our other recordings! Oh well, such is life! Keep on rocking!"

songs on EP:
I Saw You
Annabel Lee
Then You Want
Thimble Full Of Puzzles

Recorded September 1991
Remixed and Remastered September 1993
Released August 1994


original post 25/07/07


  1. Another great Lears track, they really were terrific. Thanks Colin for clearing up why "Thimble Full Of Puzzle" was not on the CD, I always wondered why... who knows one day I might actually hear it!

  2. Hi Keith.....I'll add 'Thimble Full Of Puzzles' to my YouTube Channel...


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