JACKSON C . FRANK - Dialogue

JACKSON C. FRANK - 'Dialogue' (Columbia 33SX 1788) December 1965

Folk singer Jackson C. Frank hailed from Buffalo, New York but at the age of twenty decided to travel to London to be part of the growing mid 60s folk scene in England that included Bert Jansch, Ralph McTell, Donovan, John Renbourn, Sandy Denny, Al Stewart and of course fellow countryman Paul Simon who was already active on the English club circuit.

Jackson C. Frank got a recording contract with Columbia Records and was fortunate to meet up with Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel who were both blown away by the genuis of Jackson's songs. Paul Simon offered to produce his recordings financed in part by his royalty earnings from 'Sounds Of Silence'.

The mournful, downbeat and loner folk 'Dialogue' is from Jackson's Columbia album which was released in small quantities in December '65. Few copies sold outside the London folk set and it's now become a very expensive rarity and still largely unknown. Few copies ever show up for sale making the Jackson C. Frank CD release 'Blues Run The Game' a must have addition to anyone's music collection. 

"I want to be alone
I need to touch each stone.
Face the grave that I have grown.
I want to be alone".



  1. When I went to the London folk clubs (Les Cousins, Bunjies etc) in the early 70's, many of the regulars said that Frank was the finest performer and songwriter
    they had ever seen, and he had just
    disappeared. At that time he had become a tramp living in the Bowery in New York

  2. Yes that's right, he was living rough on the streets of New York after his notion of finding old friend Paul Simon.

    He was also in and out of mental hospitals and lost his left eye after being shot in a drive by shooting.

    By the end of his life he was a fat and bloated paranoid schizophrenic.


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