THE DELTONICS - 'The Hurt And The Pain'/'She's Mine' (Trident TR-666) 2002

After the demise of The Mystreated and before being re-united with Mole in The Higher State, Marty Ratcliffe kept to his '66 garage punk roots with a little known UK combo called The Deltonics who specialized in a potent mix of fuzz and farfisa.

'The Hurt And The Pain' is one such authentic '66 punk gem that is simple in it's construction and totally cool and satisfying because of it. The other side 'She's Mine' is much more crude in it's design and recording. This one is for the 'Back From The Grave' crowd.

Mole was selling copies of this 45 via his eBay store last year but I'm thinking that all copies may have been sold. The record was never officially released and only 200 copies were pressed. Fewer copies still came with the promo picture of The Deltonics. A future rarity, I'm sure!


  1. i've bought a copy of it in Paris last week, and also found a copy of the latest single of the Higher State on Get hip, both are ace!


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