THE STROLLERS - 'Bring Her Home ' / 'Stay Away' (Low Impact Records 004) April 1998

Second 45 from Swedish band The Strollers and it certainly has quality written all over it. First of all the cover is very thick, just like those 60s EPs. Also the vinyl is heavy. This has got to be one of the heaviest 45s I've got (as in weight). So The Strollers or rather Low Impact Records certainly spent some money on this release.

I'm not too sure about the haircuts The Strollers are wearing. There's a couple of members who seem to have been cutting their own hair in the dark but who gives a shit about image? (well I do actually...) Fortunately it's the music that really counts and 'Bring Her Home' is a powerful garage rocker with a 'high in the mix' farfisa organ sound.

'Stay Away' is a full on fuzzfest with a loud pulsating beat. It's one of those teen punk girl 'put down' anthems. This one has a cool garage guitar solo...The singer has attitude and he wants his girl to fuck off.

"I've made up my mind baby
I ain't got nothing to say
Just stay away from me."

Mathias Lilja (lead vocals, guitar and songwriter, he wrote both songs here)
Henrik Wind (farfisa organ, vocals)
Peter Kalin (bass guitar)
Martin Karlsson (drums)


  1. Why did this great single not make no.1 in the charts? Life is not fair.


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