PAWNEE DRIVE - 'Break My Mind'/'Ride' (Forward Records F-103) May 1969

Probably a studio outfit from Los Angeles, Austin Roberts, the singer/songwriter of 'Ride' had links with the Hanna-Barbera cartoon enterprise.

'Ride' is hard driving bubblegum and had the potential to be a smash but was lost on the flip of 'Break My Mind'. Shame, as this one really rocks and the suggestive lyrics are a hoot.


  1. This is awesome. Another lost Spinal Tap track? ;-)

  2. Yeah Holly...I'm a big bubblegum fan and this one really rocks the boat.

  3. Austin Roberts was also the lead singer here. This also was released under the band name "River Deep", as the B-side of the cool Zombies-influenced "Shelley Tell Me Why".

  4. Thanks Jeffers - when I was doing some research on the record I found a message written by Austin Roberts on spectropop back in 2006. As his memory seemed a bit hazy I didn't include it in my write-up:

    From spectropop

    Re: "Ride" by Pawnee Drive

    Austin Roberts wrote:
    I wrote Ride as the B side to Shelly Tell Me Why
    (which many have never heard of, I'm sure). There
    was another version of it cut with Buddy Randall as
    lead singer (lead vocalist of the Knickerbockers)
    which was the A side of the Pawnee Drive single
    though George Tobin may have left my demo vocal on
    it, I honestly don't know). Joe Nelson (hi Joe)
    knows a lot more about things that I was involved
    in than I can remember. I'm gettin' old I guess (62).

    Thanks! Poiking around this morning, I notice there
    was another Pawnee Drive 45 out, "Little Girl" c/w
    "Homeward Bound"

  5. It appears that the Pawnee Drive were the Knickerbockers who recorded under this name for legal concerns with their previous label ...


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