THE JESTERS III - Say That I'm The One

THE JESTERS III - 'Say That I'm The One'/'Pledge Of Love' (Coulee C45-114) April 1965

I've seen a publicity photo of The Jesters III and unsurprisingly they're a three piece combo with smart jackets and neat haircuts. On the pic they're billed as The Jesters Three.

They're thought to have been from La Crosse, Wisconsin but other than an entry in Barry Wickham's Garage 45 Price Guide nothing has been written about them. 'Say That I'm The One' did turn up on a recent Gravel CD so maybe that release has some liner notes about the group?

'Say That I'm The One' was the B-side and has a beat sound with a singer obviously influenced by Buddy Holly. Clocking in at 1:46 the song doesn't really get going. Would have been better with a guitar break.

'Pledge of Love' is a love ballad.

THE JESTERS III - Say That You're The One


  1. Here is some information from Gary E. Myers book about Wisconsin Rock/Pop, "Do You Hear That Beat." The Jesters III were in fact from La Crosse, Wisconsin. They existed from 1963-1969. Band members were Wayne McKibbin on guitar, Jim Burkhardt on bass, and Tom Eisenman on drums. Wayne McKibbin helped form the group Hope, who recorded for Coulee and A&M in the 70’s.

    1. My father was Wayne C. Mckibbin, and yes the band was from Wisconsin. After that the band Hope was formed and signed with A&M records.

  2. Solid information - thank you

  3. Tom L. Eisenman moved to California and became an Evangelical Covenant Church pastor, author and speaker.

    Wayne Carlyle McKibbin moved to California and became a Presbyterian minister and prison chaplain. Died July 4, 2005 (brain cancer, age 59).

    James F. Burkhart moved to Colorado and became Chair of the UCCS Physics Department.


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