THE FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - 'When You're There' (Fleetwood FCLP 3027) 1968

When I first heard The Flat Earth Society LP in the 80s via a bootleg vinyl copy it immediately became a fixture on my turntable. The album 'Waleeco' came housed in a psychedelic collage sleeve with a small picture of the group, they looked very young and at the time of recording the music these boys were all still teenagers.

The album opener 'Feelin' Much Better' is a classic psych rocker with it's stoned guitar moves over some folk-rock tambourine frills. That song more than any, became my favourite Flat Earth Society song and still is.

Flat Earth Society at Fleetwood Recording Studio, 1968
After all of these years I still feel the need to play 'Waleeco' on a regular basis and it's an album I always play from beginning to end; as a studio album it has so many different moves from psych rock, folk, raga and even medieval. Remarkable considering the age of the group members.

In Boston, Massachusetts where The Flat Earth Society hailed from they were probably complete unknowns. I don't think the album was actually sold through record stores but only by mail order. In 1968 it would cost the buyer $1.50 plus six Waleeco candy bar wrappers. Mint copies of the LP will now set you back about $500. Unwanted copies were thrown away in 1974 when Fleetwood Records had a clear out.

My bootleg vinyl copy I obtained in the 80s was sold when I bought the stereo version Arf Arf released in the early 90s. The surviving mastertapes were used and it's a re-issue I strongly advise you to purchase.

FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - When You're There

Jack Kerivan (piano, organ, vocals) Phil Dubuque (rhythm guitar, recorder, lead vocals) Rick Doyle (lead guitar, tambourine, vocals) Curt Girard (drums) Paul Carter (bass, vocals)


  1. I am going to have to revisit that Waleeco album, I have the Arf Arf re-issue but haven’t given it much of a chance. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. A long time favourite round this neck of the woods. Another fine album made by very young kids is The Fredric's "Phases and Faces" on Forte


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