FISH 'N' CHIPS - Four Times Faster

FISH 'N' CHIPS - 'Four Times Faster'/'The Whole Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand' (Joy Records 45k-297) May 1965

This group of teenagers from Bergen County, New Jersey certainly have that Brit Invasion beat sound with their commercial sounding 'Four Times Faster.' Don't know if it was a hit or anything but Fish 'n' Chips appear to have been successful in their own region often supporting bigger name groups.

The producer, Tommy Kaye may be known to some as a songwriter having been the composer of 'Hey Little Bird' performed by The Barbarians (also for Joy Records).

Steve Mann (guitar)
Rich Klechner (bass/vocals)
Don Swicker (drums)
Pete Trugiani (guitar)
Bruce Herring (vocals)

FISH 'N' CHIPS - Four Times Faster

Fish 'n' Chips meet members of The Kinks 1965. Pic taken from here


  1. Nice catchy little ditty, I'll bet this was a popular song in Bergen County back in it's day. Fish 'N' Chips, hmmm, strange name for a band, but... what's in a name anyhow. Thanks for the listen.

  2. Tommy Kaye went on to produce Gene
    Clark - he was calling himself Thomas Jefferson Kaye by that time.
    He also recorded in his own right -
    a couple of good albums on Dunhill
    that managed to get issued in the UK.


  3. I know...corny name but very English I suppose.

  4. This is a great little track with it's harpsichord and massed voices.
    I wonder if Tommy Kaye is Thomas
    Jefferson Kaye who recorded some very Byrdsian tracks on his solo albums, and went on to produce the epic "No Other" for Gene Clark?

  5. Four Times Faster was a Top 40 hit in the NYC area, getting considerable air time on both WABC and WMCA.
    The group did Saturday afternoon matinees at Palisades Park with Cousin Brucie while also opening for the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Rascals, Mitch Ryder, The Dave Clark Five and others.
    Sadly, my brother Rich passed away suddenly in September of '07.

  6. Thanks for your information Chris...

  7. I was in 10th grade when this tune came on WABC at lunch in Bergenfield H.S. cafeteria and the room went nuts; Rich and I looked at each other and smiled-one of those unforgetable moments!

  8. Thanks for your input Jon...can't deny that it's a catchy song...


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