I'm gonna spend some time over on my YouTube Channel (click on the link below). Here, I'll be posting obscure songs probably not available on my blog. Infact I'll probably STOP writing about 60s groups as much on 'Flower Bomb Songs' and just post songs on YouTube.

Instead I feel that I want to re-discover my garage and psych revival records. So I'll be giving them some exposure in 2012. One look on YouTube and you'll agree that 60s garage is now well documented on that site and is usually the first place people search for songs/groups, this was not the case when I started my blog in 2007. Times change.....

Anyway, I'd like to wish my readers a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. With a bit luck you'll all get some decent presents (for a change) and not that second hand jumper out of Scope or other hideous charity shops.

Don't stuff your faces with turkey and other flesh, killing is wrong and eating meat ain't good for you. Become a vegetarian and love animals.


  1. Certainly agree with sentiments

  2. A Merry Christmas to you too, Colin! Thanks for all the great music you shared this past year. All the best in 2012!

  3. Merry Christmas Colin,
    and thanks for the past year
    of garage treasures.

  4. Best wishes at Christmas and throughout the New Year, Colin.

    Marie (formerly of Catch That Train)

  5. Merry X-mas, Colin

  6. Happy day to you and all your relatives n loved ones.

    Thanks for everything n putting a garage beat in my ears everytime I hang in FBS.

    One of the coolest sites...EVER.

  7. merry christmas Colin and i'll wait for those great garage & psych revival records!



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