THE X-TREEMS - Substitute

THE X-TREEMS - 'Substitute'/'Facts Of Life' (Star Trek Records 1221) 1969

The X-Treems hailed from St Louis, Missouri and were a popular group in their home town but like most local outfits remained largely unknown everywhere else. That was until the 80s when this 45 was ripe for the compilation market, especially the flip 'Facts Of Life' which is regarded as a garage psych classic, probably due to the over the top use of fuzz guitar.

'Substitute' is an energetic take of The Who original but it seems that The X-Treems had a fraction of the former's studio budget as the production is muddy and amateurish but still enjoyable. The record label name of Star Trek is great though, no doubt influenced by the TV Show.

Gary Wood (bass/vocals)
Alan Shelby (guitar/vocals)
Phil Markley (organ)
Rick Tello (drums)

THE X-TREEMS - Substitute

The X-Treems picture rescued from here


  1. This 45 was a massive quantity find in the late 70's early '80s. A good $5-10 pick up in those days, even thru the early part of the '90s!

    The 45 was released in the spring of 1969.

  2. Yes, 1967 didn't look right to me especially when I noticed that The Cole & The Embers 45 on Star Trek (1220) has a 1968 release, according to Barry Wickham's price guide.

  3. A fabulous single -- do you have contact information for any of the band members?


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