THE VEJTABLES - 'Shadows'/'Feel The Music' (Uptown 741) January 1967

The Vejtables from the Bay Area of California enjoyed some success with folk rock hits 'I Still Love You' and 'The Last Thing On My Mind' from 1965 but by the Spring of  '66 only veterans Bob Bailey and Frank Smith were left from the original group.

Three former members of The Preachers were recruited, Richard Fortunato, Zeke Camarillo and Steve Lagana who in my opinion made The Vejtables more dynamic and exiting on record.
The new line-up recorded several new songs at Leo Kulka's Golden State Recorders during April and May 1966 but had to wait until January 1967 (it gained a mention as a new release during that month in Billboard magazine) for any sounds to emerge on vinyl. This two sided gem on the small Uptown label seems to have been ignored at the time though.

'Shadows' has got a very strange and unique sounding bass line. As unnerving as the beat is, I find myself unable to resist. Raga guitar weaves around the pumping bass......"Shadows follow us stalking mistrust" 

The flip 'Feel The Music' is a fabulous acid punker that is based heavily on The Who tune 'Out In The Street' but The Vejtables colour the scene with more raga rock guitar. Both sides are essential.



  1. I am really surprised that no one else has commented how amazing this track is, are their ears made of cloth? This is a fabulous psychedlic masterpiece, but your version really brings out the fantastic bass, guitar and harmonies. This 'Frisco band were never better.


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