THE RAINY DAZE - Blood Of Oblivion

THE RAINY DAZE - 'Blood Of Oblivion' / 'Stop Sign' (Polydor 56737) October 1967

The Rainy Daze were from Denver, Colorado and they had a fair sized hit with something of a novelty song called 'That Acapulco Gold' supposedly about weed.

The main songwriter in The Rainy Daze was Tim Gilbert who collaborated with John Carter (who was not part of the band) This song writing duo wrote most of the original material recorded by The Rainy Daze. They also had several songs recorded by other artists. For instance, Hardwater and The Yankee Dollar covered their songs 'City Sidewalks', 'Good Old Friends' and 'Sanctuary'.

Perhaps their most famous songwriting credit is 'Incense And Peppermints' recorded by The Strawberry Alarm Clock although bass player George Bunnell from SAC suggests that the melody and body of the music to 'Incence And Peppermints' was already written but no one from the band could come up with any lyrics.
Enter Rainy Daze, Yankee Dollar and Strawberry Alarm Clock producer Frank Slay. He suggested that Tim Gilbert and John Carter could finish the song. This they did along with taking ALL songwriting credits.

Getting back to this record then. 'Blood Of Oblivion' is cool pop psych with some magical organ interplay. 'Stop Sign' is also interesting and has the inclusion of brass. Both songs are not on The Rainy Daze album released to cash in on the hit 'That Acapulco Gold'.

Tim Gilbert (lead singer/rhythm guitar)
Sam Fuller (bass)
Bob Heckendorf (organ)
Kip Gilbert (drums)
Mac Ferris (lead guitar)

RAINY DAZE - Blood Of Oblivion

UNI scan



  1. Beautiful! Some reissue label really needs to put out a complete collection of the Rainy Daze recordings. That would be sweet!

  2. i have this single on Uni, except the title is "Fe Fi Fo Fum"

  3. Their best song, IMHO. Nice to see it our here where others can enjoy it. Thanks much for sharing with us. They were on the Uni Label in the US and the Song was originally titled "Fe Fi Fo Fum" but was later changed to "Blood of Oblivion" or vice versa. I can't remember which way it went.

  4. There is an extended version of this as well. Is it on an album? And I agree - it's the band's best song, although Tim Gilbert's solo 45 on Uni, "If We Stick Together," is right up there with it.


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