THE MYSTERIES - Please Agree

THE MYSTERIES - 'Please Agree'/'I Find It's True Love' (Manhattan 815) November 1967

According to FA&F The Mysterians were a trio from Orlando in Florida who released three 45s during their existence, 'Please Agree'/'I Find It's True Love' was their second.

Releases on the Mike Curb/Sidewalk connection label Manhattan Records raise my interest as the latter also released 45s by garage greats The Painted Faces and The Satans but 'Please Agree' is uptempo pop music in reality. Having said that it does have a somewhat unique sound and was a top ten hit in Orlando during January 1968.

Tom Bennett (drums)
Henry Seymour (bass)
Tom Zackton (guitar)

THE MYSTERIES - Please Agree


  1. The Mysteries played around the Naples-Ft. Myers area as well... which is where they came to the attention of Wally Fredrickson Sr., whose son was a member of the Jesters. Fredrickson had connections to Harley Hatcher and Mike Curb, which is how the Jesters, Painted Faces, and Mysteries all wound up on Manhattan or Sidewalk.

  2. Thanks Jeffers66 for the excelent information.

  3. A great powerful pop number, it should have been a big hit across the nation.


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