THE DESCENDANTS - 'Garden Of Eden'/'Lela' (MTA Records 112) November 1966

The gentle and soothing soft psychedelia of 'Garden Of Eden' by New York group The Descendants has escaped the compilers over the years so I was pleased to put that right on my recent Cavestones series. 'Garden Of Eden' is the type of song I'd imagine Simon & Garfunkel to come up with had they ever started to ease their minds with lysergia.

On the other side 'Lela' is a fabulous burst of Bo Diddley shuffling energy and has cropped up several times on lame sounding compilations. Curiously, this 45 saw a release in England on CBS Records during January 1967.


  1. I know "Lela" well, but never realized that this wonderful gem was on the flip. This is heavenly manna for me. Many, many thanks Colin.

  2. Keith
    I actually wrote Lela. We did that in one take. The drum solo could have been recorded better. We spent 7 days doing Garden of Eden, then had 1 hour to do Lela. I copied the feel etc from the rolling Stones song MONA

  3. In New Zealand this single was released on the Salem label: XS.119


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