THE PRIMATES - Knock On My Door

THE PRIMATES - 'Knock On My Door'/'She' (Marko M 923) September 1965

This record is a true item of beauty, just take a look at the gorgeous label. Dark red on gold with black simply goes graphic designers of the world. Those cats at Marko Records certainly knew that colours, fonts and simplicity can make or break an artistic label. One of the BEST!

Right, now I've got that outta the way, what about the music? Let's just say both sides are 60s garage wonderments. The flip 'She' is a moody masterpiece and will stay floating around your mind for ever. Once heard, never forgotten.

The thundering bass guitar that introduces 'Knock On Your Door' sounds like a steam train coming off it's tracks, then right away we're into the teenbeat mayhem who's theme is a common one among teenage groups. The singer's been burned by his girl but she decides she wants him back....Glad that the singer, John Demetrious kind of told her to fuck right off out of his life for good, cos he's not gonna open his door to her ever again.

The Primates hailed from Astoria, New York and were all in their mid teens. But as you know age makes no difference, infact they were probably at the perfect age to create their garage double sider.
A follow up single on Marko 'Don't Press Your Luck'/'Cathy' is also a classy affair. One side rocker the other side beat ballad.

Joe Ferdinando (drums)
James Hartofius (bass)
Gus Kaselis (organ)
Barry Bozzone (lead guitar)
John Demetrious (rhythm guitar/lead vocals)

Read more about The Primates on Garage Hangover. The site where I got line-up info and this picture.


  1. Thanks Colin,
    One of my favourites since I bought Psychedelic States: New York # 3.

  2. What's the sound like on those Psychedelic States CDs? I've bought some CDs released by Gear Fab and the sound is rudimentary to say the least.

  3. Colin,
    They sound better than the first editions in the series, but to be honest: not quite as good as your tracks.
    That's why I'm looking out for new editions of Cavestones or Gear.

  4. A really neat track, with quite subtle originality in the melody. I'm off to play it again...

  5. I actually won this 45 as an arcade prize at the Topsfield Fair (MA) back in the early '70s! It's definitely a garage classic and I still have my well worn copy. The best CD versions I've found for "Knock On My Door" is on Fuzz, Flakes & Shakes Vol. 4: Experiment In Color while the best CD version of "She" is on Teenage Shutdown: She’s A Pest.


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