THE OFF-BEATS - 'Mary'/'You Tell Me' (Tower 205) January 1966

'Mary' is one of the shortest songs to ever feature on 'Flower Bomb Songs' and at just under 1:30 minutes it must surely rank as one of the shortest from the 60s. To my ears it sounds like a mersey beat 'La Bamba'. Clearly, The Off-Beats are influenced by the so called Brit Invasion and that is even more evident on the flip 'You Tell Me' where these Californian teenagers perform a David Allen penned acoustic beat ballad.

The Off-Beats changed their name to The Children ('This Sporting Life') then to Somebody's Chyldren ('I'm Going Back To New York City')...check out the links (labels) below for information on these releases.

update from Michael Dennis Trerotola

Hi Colin!

I recorded that at the famous GOLD STAR STUDIOS in LA. This is the studio where Righteous Brothers recorded You've lost that loving feeling. Richie Valens recorded La Bamba and Donna, Ike and Tina Turner and of course Phil Spector. It was located on Vine and Santa Monica. 
Thank you!!

Billboard review - January 1966


  1. Yours is one of the most interesting blogs on the web - and you always manage to dig up some background info on these obscure groups. Great fun!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Marie....I've got nothing better to do than buy, play and write about records.

  3. Now why wasn't this a hit? Short but very powerful, with a fabulous
    finish. As you have said before Colin, Children's "This Sporting
    Life" is a manic masterpiece too.

  4. When I was in grade school, our nun was pushing this band on us. Apparently someone in the group was a relative. A few kids purchased a copy and someone played it in our classroom. That's probably all the copies that were sold. :) Ed Kaz

  5. Dennis Trerotola passed away today at 9:04 AM PACIFIC time. He was 67 years old.


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