NOBODY'S CHILDREN - Jungo Partner (A Worthless Cajun)

NOBODY'S CHILDREN - 'Jungo Partner (A Worthless Cajun)'/'Let Her Go' (United Artists UA 50090) Dec 1966

If you like your fuzz action (which I'm sure you do) cop some of this 'Satisfaction' inspired raucous garage rock from Maryland's Nobody's Children. There's more than a hint of The Rolling Stones about 'Jungo Partner' to keep me happy and the singer appears to have mastered Mick's vocal delivery and by the sounds of it Nobody's Children have also got the Stones' swagger.

I've listened to 'Jungo Partner' many times over the years and still have no idea what the song is about. Why a 'worthless cajun?' eh?...Were these the same Nobody's Children who released 'I Can't Let Go' on Bullet Records?

The flip 'Let Her Go' is a commercial Brit Invasion jangly pop tune which reminds me of early Searchers B-Sides. Pretty good side. 

NOBODY'S CHILDREN - Jungo Partner (A Worthless Cajun)


  1. A great classic rocker, it starts off as the old blues standard
    "Junco Partner" which was covered
    by quite a few artists including the Holy Modal Rounders and the
    Family of Apostolic, but the fuzz knocks into a whole other song.

  2. The Clash did this one too...reggae style!

    the first time I came across this weird name, it was in the mid-80s when I bought Pebbles 6, 'the roots of Mod', and there was a band called Junco Partners...I think they were from Newcastle...

    this one is a GREAT version!


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