L.A. SOUNDS 1965-1969 - SELECTED 50 JEWELS - 2011

01 LYRICS - 'So What!!'/'They Can't Hurt Me' (Era Records 3153) November 1965
02 ADRIAN LLOYD - 'Lorna'/'Got A Little Woman' (Charger CRG-112) 1965
03 GLASS FAMILY - 'House Of Glass' (Warner Bros WS 1776) late 1968
04 DIRTY SHAMES - 'Makin' Love'/'I Don't Care' (Impression 112) August 1966 
05 DOVERS - 'The Third Eye'/'Your Love' (Miramar 123) April 1966
06 PREACHERS - 'Stay Out Of My World'/'Who Do You Love'/'Hey Joe' (Sundazed SEP 191) recorded 1965
07 LYRICS - 'Can't See You Any More'/'Wake Up To My Voice' (Feather 1968) February 1968
08 TURTLES - 'Outside Chance'/'We'll Meet Again' (White Whale 234) August 1966
09 ELECTRIC PRUNES - 'Everybody Knows You're In Love'/'You've Never Had It Better' (Reprise RS 20652) Feb 1968
10 RISING SONS - 'I Got A Little' (Sundazed) recorded December 1965
11 STANDELLS - 'Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White'/'Why Did You Hurt Me' (Tower 257) June 1966
12 CAL RAYE - 'I Cry'/'Can I' (Runay Records RY-101) 1966
13 GENTLE SOUL - 'Tell Me Love'/'You Move Me' (Columbia 4-43952) rec January 1967
14 FIRE ESCAPE - 'Love Special Delivery'/'Blood Beat' (GNP Crescendo 384) January 1967 
15 MERRELL & the XILE'S - 'Tomorrow's Girl'/'When I Get Home' (Glenn 426) April 1967
16 GENE VINCENT - 'Born To Be A Rolling Stone' (Everest Records CBR 1006) April 1967
17 BYRDS - 'My Back Pages'/'Renaissance Fair' (CBS 2648) May 1967
18 TURTLES - 'It Ain't Me Babe'/'Almost There' (Pye International 7N.25320)  September 1965
19 FANTASTIC ZOO - 'Light Show'/'Silent Movies' (Double Shot 109) February 1967
20 JEFFERSON LEE - 'Book Of Love'/'Sorcerella' (Original Sound OS-88) July 1969
21 POOR - 'Feelin' Down'/'Come Back Baby' (Decca 32318) May 1968
22 PEPPERMINT TROLLEY COMPANY - 'New York City'/'Spinnin' Whirlin' Round (Acta 45-835) 1969
23 ZODIAC - 'ARIES - The Fire-Fighter' (Elektra EKL 4009) May 1967
24 MODERN FOLK QUINTET - 'Night Time Girl'/'Lifetime' (Dunhill D-4025) April 1966
25 BEACH BOYS - 'Cabin Essence'/'Wonderful' (Brother Records)  recorded 1967
26 THINGS TO COME - 'Hello'/'Good Day' (Warner Bros 7228) September 1968
27 GIANT SUNFLOWER - 'February Sunshine'/'More Sunshine' (Take 6 -1000) May 1967
28 RIPTIDES - 'Last Wave Of The Day' (Tower DT-5083) 1967
29 VENTURES - 'Ginza Lights' (Liberty LBY 1323) June 1966
30 KALEIDOSCOPE - 'Keep Your Mind Open' (Epic BN 26304) June 1967 
31 JAN & DEAN - 'A Beginning From An End'/'Folk City' (Liberty F-55849) December 1965
32 M.F.Q. - 'If All You Think'/'The Love Of A Clown' (Warner Brothers 5481) November 1964
33 MAMAS & the PAPAS - 'Strange Young Girls' (RCA Victor RD-7834) September 1966
34 ARROWS - Apache '65'/'Blue Guitar' (Sidewalk Records 1) February 1965
35 ROSE GARDEN - 'Next Plane To London'/'Flower Town' (Atco 45-6510) August 1967
36 SHINDOGS - 'Who Do You Think You Are'/'Yes, I'm Going Home' (Viva V.601) June 1966
37 MONKEES - 'Words' (first version) October 1966
38 DARIUS - 'Sweet Mama' (Chartmaker CSG 1102) 1969
39 RICHARD TWICE - 'Generation '70 (Philips PHS-600-332) 1970
40 BOSTON TEA PARTY - 'Words'/'Spinach' (Challenge 59368) June 1967
41 THE BUSHMEN - 'What I Have I'll Give To You'/'Baby' (Dimension D-1049) June 1965
42 PACIFIC OCEAN - '16 Tons'/'My Shrink' (VMC Records V 738) February 1969
43 MAGNUM OPUS - 'Up From The Sea'/'Nothing But Time' (VMC Records V 737) late 1968
44 OCTOBER COUNTRY - 'My Girl Friend Is A Witch'/'Just Don't Know' (Epic 5-10320) April 1968
45 EDDIE HODGES - 'Love Minus Zero'/'The Water Is Over My Head' (Aurora 156) Oct 1965
46 BYRDS - 'The World Turns All Around Her' (Columbia PC 9254) recorded August 1965
47 DEVONS - 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue'/'Are You Really Real' (Decca 31822) August 1965
48 TOADS - 'Leaving It All Behind'/'Babe, While The Wind Blows Goodbye' (Decca 318470) Sept 1965
49 TANGENTS - 'Hey Joe, Where You Gonna Go?'/'Stand By Me' (Impression Records 111) April 1966
50 TIME OF YOUR LIFE - 'Ode To A Bad Dream'/'You Make Me Feel So Good' (Ionic Records 101) Sept 1966

Well, that's it for my Los Angeles trip for 2011. This little project was started 13/07/11 and completed 30/09/11, meaning it took a little over 10 weeks. Considering that I scan each label, master vinyl to MP3, research the 45/group then write about the sounds/group/history etc I've been both hasty & consistant. it's been a TRIP!

Thanks to everyone who has sent me scans, information, feedback and support. Without that input things around here would have been a drag. But NO thanks whatsoever and a big middle finger to those who land on 'Flower Bomb Songs' on a regular basis without leaving any footprints (figuratively speaking)

I regularly check my monthly hits and September 2011 registered a low of 15,640. The blog has never had as few hits since August 2010. I read somewhere that blogging is down worldwide and sites are disappearing fast. I guess it must be true.

My plans for the next couple of months and maybe the rest of this year will be to highlight singles that will feature on my next Cavestones compilations.


  1. Just finished listening to all 50 of these tracks. Enjoyed it so much that I loaded up last year's 50 picks and listened to those too... It was 100 hits of pure Sixties L.A. bliss!

  2. Colin ...
    I can't begin to Thank You enough for this incredible
    endowment. This was quite an accomplishment and I'm afraid my mere thanks is inadequate to express my gratitude.

  3. I forgot to add that 6 folders of L.A. greatness have been shared via 'SugarSync' and The Ventures Mono Box.

    Everyone one on my SugarSync email list will have rec'd an email each time to let you know a folder can be downloaded. Most have taken up the offer but some have not, those 'have nots' will be removed.

  4. A great trip indeed...so hard to select those tunes among all the goodies.

    For thousands more perhaps !

    And its one of the good things of the day, tell ya that? :
    read & listen posts from F B S.

    Have a nice day and thanks for sharing.

  5. An incredible feat,truly amazing so many unknown and obscure treats. I could never make up my mind what I preferred - LA or SF
    but this list has tipped me forever
    to the LA camp. Hooray for Colin!!!

  6. Hate to ask a stupid question, but for all the talk of listening to these tracks, even logged in, I can't find anywhere to stream them. Not asking how to do the secret handshake, but is there one? Cheers.

  7. The MP3s I post are 'non-downloadable' You can hear every track though!

  8. Thanks a lot for the latest Col . . . im burning my amps with the garage BOMB tunes ! ! !

  9. Ah, no wonder: Firefox blocks them completely, but they show up in Internet Explorer.

  10. Hmm, that's strange. I use Firefox and have never had any problems. Oh well...

  11. Many thanks for the eye opening tracks you have shared, most of which I have never had the pleasure to listen to. Great job!!!!!!

  12. hi looks to be a well esearched set how do i download em please
    thanks monty

  13. Read previous comments and information on the right hand side of my site. MP3s are for listening purposes only. I don't offer downloads. That ain't my scene.

  14. Tommy C (VA. USA)7 October 2011 at 22:32

    I don't know what took me so long but I've just discovered your incredible blog. I've already listened to all 100 (!) of your LA Jewels & will be spending a lot more time on your site going thru your archives - so don't go anywhere! Thanks for all the toonage - so many great discoveries already.

  15. Thanks Tommy C for your feedback and of course, you've just discovered one of the BEST music blogs in internetsville.


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