THE E-TYPES - She Moves Me

THE E-TYPES - 'She Moves Me'/'The Love Of The Loved' (Sunburst SBM 45-001) October 1966

Perfect double sided English Invasion sounds from The E-Types, a teenage beat group from Salinas, near San Jose. After building up a loyal local following, supporting big name groups and winning a Battle Of The Bands contest, The E-Types secured a deal with Sunburst Records and travelled to Los Angeles to record some songs under the tutelage of Ed Cobb and Richie Podolor (two names that have cropped up on 'Flower Bomb Songs' several times).

The summer sounding garage pop of 'She Moves Me', written by Cobb, deserved to have been a big hit but it didn't break out on a national level, however, it was a decent sized seller in their home territory and Orlando!
The flip 'The Love Of The Loved' is a Lennon-McCartney penned pop song, unreleased by the Liverpool mop-tops, and ideal material for The Beatles obsessed E-Types.

'She Moves Me' featured on Dick Clark's TV Show 'Where The Action Is' where The E-Types lip-synched their song at Echo Beach, Los Angeles.

THE E-TYPES - She Moves Me

The E-Types promo pic from the Sundazed CD release

The E-Types business card (taken from an E-Types blog that has seen no updates since Summer 2009)

The E-Types at number 13 in Orlando