THE BEAVER PATROL - 'E.S.P.'/'Just Like A Lady' (Columbia 4-44139) May 1967

If you think that you've heard 'E.S.P.' before you're probably thinking The Pretty Things and the song in question will be '£.S.D' written by Dick Taylor & Phil May. It's basically the same song but The Beaver Patrol, from Hollywood, Florida, have changed the title, some other words and given themselves a writing credit as per shown on the label.

Either way, it's a powerful fuzz drenched punker that drives hard and I mean hard. Production is by The Strangeloves member Richard Gottehrer. 'E.S.P.' was probably a little too 'out there' for the average radio listener back in mid '67. The other side 'Love Like A Lady' appears to have been the plug side as it was selected as a predicted chart spotlight in Billboard during May 1967.  

possible line-up:
Gary Vandy (guitar)***
Jim Bledsoe (bass)
Mike Cooper (guitar)
Floyd Humphreys (guitar)
Jim Becker (drums)

** line-up is speculative, all names gathered from a thread on the forum Limestone Lounge**
*** I have been contacted by Gary Vandy who confirmed that he was not on this recording***

Other combos who recorded 'E.S.P.' were The Rain, Giant Crab and Big Brother.

Billboard - May 1967


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