THE BARE FACTS - Instant Happiness

THE BARE FACTS - 'Instant Happiness'/'There Won't Be A Next Time' (Harvest H-727) April 1966

Earlier this month I was checking the internet for any possible unknown information on The Bare Facts from Ohio who released 'Bad Part Of Town'/'Georgiana' on Jubilee Records. By chance, I happened upon a one entry blog simply called 'Bare Facts'. The article was written by Steve Kirkman who was a member of teen group The Bare Facts from LaPorte, Indiana.

Steve also uploaded a couple of promo photographs of The Bare Facts taken sometime in 1966 which I've posted here.

The Indiana Bare Facts released two 45s, the first on Harvest Records which has a crude garage sound. 'Instant Happiness' can be found on Teenage Shutdown "No Tease" comp. I don't have the original 45 so I've used a transfer of the song from TS but have increased the volume somewhat because it was mastered really low on that LP. Mind you, 'Instant Happiness' sounds very crude anyway!

The Bare Facts line-up on 'Instant Happiness'/'There Won't Be A Next Time' was:

Steve Kirkman (lead vocals/bass)
Dan Topolski (guitar)
Bob Corsby (drums)
Kevin Shuter (keyboards)

Some line-up changes took place in mid '66. Jim Sipe replaced Bob Corsby on drums and they added Ron Shaw and Dave Curtis, both played trumpet and some other instruments.

The Bare Facts also started playing the 'Chicago sound' and were greatly influenced by The Buckinghams, The American Breed and The Four Tops among others.
A second 45 followed, which I've not heard, probably has that horn rock influence. No garage guide I've got lists 'Does She Love Me'/'I Think I'm Falling In Love'.

THE BARE FACTS - Instant Happiness

An early line-up of The Bare Facts circa 1966 - L-R: Bob Corsby, Dan Topolski, Steve Kirkman, Kevin Shuter
Here is a promo pic of the Bare Facts - with Steve Kirkman as the lead vocalist. Other band members are left to right...Dan Topolski, Dave Curtis, Wes England, Bob Nebelung and Ron Shaw. Wes sent me quite a few pics, several years ago.

I don't think the second 45 ever was pressed, but the band has a master tape of it. Several years, i've waited for it also! ....sent in by Tim (vinylfool) who has his own site called 60s Indiana Band Scene
An expanded Bare Facts line-up with the addition of three new members


  1. Thanks for posting this - definitely worth seeking out. It still amazes me that you can track down these high quality shots of such obscure groups.

    1. Love these pictures.I remember as a teenager watching him perform.I know the lead singer.He's my uncle!

  2. I played trombone in the BARE FACTS (I think in 1971 - 1973?) after meeting those guys @ the Purdue extension. Anyone have contact data for Dave Curtis or Ron Shaw? Thanks

    Clarence Novak


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