20. JEFFERSON LEE - Sorcerella

JEFFERSON LEE - 'Book Of Love'/'Sorcerella' (Original Sound OS-88) July 1969

In the late 60s Jefferson Lee was an up and coming producer from Atlanta who signed to Hollywood label Original Sound and released two sought after singles. The Monotones cover, 'Book Of Love' was the first from the Summer of '69 but it's the fuzz driven and Music Machine influenced flip 'Sorcerella' that wins out.

The intense fuzztone bass is just insane and the weird lyrics add to the songs overall creepiness. I didn't know much about Jefferson Lee so did a little digging. It turns out that he exclusively managed and produced Joe South in the late 60s early 70s.

'Book Of Love'/'Sorcerella' (Original Sound OS-88) July 1969
'Bubble Gum Music'/'Pancake Trees' (Original Sound OS-93) May 1970

JEFFERSON LEE - Sorcerella


  1. Do you have the Down Children "Night Time Girl," I like that Al Kooper song from Modern Folk Quartet. Thanks

  2. This is definately Lee's best track, which always reminded me of
    some of Fred Cole's early work.
    "Pancake Trees" is very odd, with
    orchestration and eastern touches and worth a play.


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