THE TURTLES - 'It Ain't Me Babe'/'Almost There' (Pye International 7N.25320)  September 1965

As everyone knows The Turtles are the undisputed kings of sunshine/harmony pop music but do not discount their folk rock period of 1965/66 and in particular the ferocious Kinks inspired garage rocker of 'Almost There' written and sung by Howard Kaylan.

The Turtles didn't have the cool, beautiful people image of say The Byrds or Love but they had the cutting 'now sound' of '65 alright. 'It Ain't Me Babe' transforms the Dylan original for the Sunset Strip crowd and I'm sure most of the kids back then would have been hip to the punky 'Almost There'......fantastic double sider to seek out and enjoy!

Pictured is my copy of the UK release and as you can imagine it's a tough 45 to find, set your sights on the USA White Whale release which is easier to locate but now getting quite sought after.

While I'm here I'd like to add that my website is fast becoming the only 60s blog worth bothering with but I'm sure you know that anyway.. However, last month my site hit rate was approx 17,000 which is showing a steady decline since I peaked at 20,000 earlier this year?

THE TURTLES - Almost There

KRLA Beat - August 1965


  1. Ha! I was literally just listening to the Spirits' version of Almost There (on Garage Punk Unknowns vol. 8 via the Live at The Funny Farm compilation).
    KILLER song!!

  2. Yeah the Turtles are probably overlooked even by people that should know better...there's plenty of great stuff to be found in their records.
    Also worthy of your time are the Crossfires, basically the Turtles as a Surf band before they changed their name.
    apart from some really hot instrumentals you get a real treat with the original and totally garagey "One potato two potato" from 1965 so presumably just before they adopted the new name...

  3. Absolutely my favorite track from the "You Baby" LP, good to see this getting some attention.

  4. What a terrific track, which I have not heard before (it was left off of the "It Ain't Me Babe" LP).
    I can hear the Kinks analogy, but I
    can hear the Sons Of Adam and the mighty Love as well. The Turtles have been appalingly treated as far
    as reissues are concerned.

  5. La Habra, California, 1965. Me, Dance, a teen girl DJ, and The Turtles. Their early stage presence is an acute and visceral memory/experience to this day. Excellent you have this early 45...that I recall being given back then...and it sat unplayed after "It Ain't Me Babe" took off. Love your blog!


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