14. THE FIRE ESCAPE - Love Special Delivery

THE FIRE ESCAPE - 'Love Special Delivery'/'Blood Beat' (GNP Crescendo 384) January 1967

'Love Special Delivery' or as it's billed on the front of The Fire Escape 'Psychotic Reactions' album, 'L.S.D' is a fierce garage psych assault with fuzz and a totally wired mid song rave-up in the best tradition of The Yardbirds.

Of course 'Love Special Delivery' is a cover of Thee Midniters song and here The Fire Escape do the original recording justice and add to it with that certain Sunset Strip vibe.
Not a great deal is known about The Fire Escape. They were most likely a studio outfit put together by producers Larry Goldberg and Hank Levine. They even have the flip 'Blood Beat' and 'Journey's End', on the album credited to themselves.

According to the liners on the back of the album Hollywood whiz-kid Michael Lloyd arranged musical proceedings adding weight to my theory that The Fire Escape, as a group, did not exist.

THE FIRE ESCAPE - Love Special Delivery


  1. Great song, even if they are almost certainly studio musicians. Is this song a good representation of the LP?

  2. The Fire Escape on GNP was one of the first original garage psych LPs I ever bought way back in 1987. I got my copy from Funhouse Records, an old mail order only record dealership.

    It ranks as one of the very best exploito albums

  3. Totally agree with that.

    I just bought the cd this afternoon, and still one of the rawest crudest lps I ve ever listen.

    Also one of the fuzziest of your last comps Col.

  4. A great fuzzed up rocker, which I
    had not heard before. Many thanks


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