THE GENTLE SOUL - 'Tell Me Love'/'You Move Me' (Columbia 4-43952) rec January 1967

Pamela Pollard and Rick Stanley had been playing clubs together on Hollywood's Sunset Strip for about a year before Byrds producer Terry Melcher got them into the studio, first to record Pamela Pollard's 'You Move Me' in September 1966 followed by a session in January 1967 to lay down the Rick Stanley original 'Tell Me Love'.

The name of the group came about when Riley Wyldflower was smoking joints in their Hollywood apartment and blowing the hash smoke into the face of their cat. Riley said the cat didn't mind because he was a gentle soul....hence The Gentle Soul.

This debut 45 by The Gentle Soul is not on their studio album from mid 1968 and as such is a recommended single to track down. But not only for that reason! 'Tell Me More' is quite simply 'blissful' with it's ornate production by Melcher and beautiful arrangement by Jack Nitzsche, the song really soars with layers of perfect harmonies and baroque psych touches......GLORIOUS....

At this point in time, The Gentle Soul were a four piece including guitarist Riley Wyldflower who would go on to release an obscure 45 'The Smog Song'/'Electric California' on Beacon Records. I've only ever heard 'The Smog Song' which is hippie blues.

Drummer Sandy Konikoff played in several Buffalo, NY groups before linking up with The Gentle Soul including The Ravens and The Hawks who backed Bob Dylan during Feb/March 1966. 


  1. I bought the Gentle Soul LP in 1970
    (anything produced by Terry Melcher
    was ok with me!). A pal of mine put
    the 45's on tape for me. All their non album stuff is gathered on
    their CD, but it does not have the strength of your 45. Colin 1 -
    Sundazed 0. A fabulous track.


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