THE STANDELLS - 'Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White'/'Why Did You Hurt Me' (Tower 257) June 1966

The Standells hit the big time with 'Dirty Water' and followed that memorable rock n' roll raunch with the equally hip 'Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White' in the Summer of '66.

But it's the unheralded and forgotten 'Why Did You Hurt Me' on the flip that gets my blog action and entry into this years 2011 Los Angeles select 50. The song was recorded at Kearnie Barton's Audio Recording Studios in Seattle (also used by The Sonics) during April 1966 while The Standells were on the road touring outside L.A. on the back of the smash 'Dirty Water'.

'Why Did You Hurt Me' is a gritty performance and could easily have been a single in it's own right. Dig that combo organ, probably a Vox Continental played by Larry Tamblyn and the snotty punk vocals. It's certainly one of my favourite Standells cuts.

THE STANDELLS - Why Did You Hurt Me

'Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White' hit number 1 on the Santa Barbara KIST List - from the ARSA archives


  1. Awesome Standells track, good choice (as always)

  2. Hi Colin.
    nice, never heard this tune before ...
    but don't you hear just a little similarity here to
    The Golliwogs "Brown-Eyed Girl" or is it just me.
    On second thought this is a really fine punker.
    Also love the playlist for Sept 17, 1966 ...
    almost akin to my area at the time. God what diversity.

  3. It's an amazing Top 40 chart. The record buying public were really spoilt for choice that month in '66.

  4. TomK

    I think you're quite right, whether it's pure coincidence we'll probably never know.

  5. Oh yeah....definitely a good one. Underrated too.


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