10. THE RISING SONS - I Got A Little

THE RISING SONS - 'I Got A Little' (Sundazed) recorded December 1965

Somehow, The Rising Sons never made it as a hit group outside of Los Angeles although on the Sunset Strip they became one of the legendary groups with memorable performances of potent R'n'B and country blues.

The good people at Sundazed Records released a stunning vinyl only release of material recorded by The Rising Sons during 1965/66, all of the cuts never saw the light of day in the 60s apart from the sides used as their only single 'Candy Man' and 'The Devil's Got My Woman'.

'I Got A Little' is a group original written by Jessie Lee Kincaid and is a rush of uptempo blues with jangle guitar that works real well. Short and sweet medication.

After their demise in mid 1966, Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder became famous in their solo careers and drummer Kevin Kelley joined The Byrds.


KRLA Beat advert July 1965. The original line-up of The Rising Sons with Ed Cassidy, future Spirit drummer


  1. Funny thing is...I've been listeming to the Rising Sons yesterday and actually liked it much more than the first time I heard them years ago...some of it is just brilliant!
    Fair enough, I think it is one of those cases where the huge potential was not always translated into their recordings, still there's plenty of great stuff there.

  2. Another wonderful track from Colin, and Taj Mahal is such a great singer. Jesse Lee Kincaid is a vastly under rated songwriter and his 3 solo 45's include the original versions of "Baby You Come
    Rollin' Cross My Mind" and "She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune".


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