09. THE ELECTRIC PRUNES - You've Never Had It Better

THE ELECTRIC PRUNES - 'Everybody Knows You're In Love'/'You've Never Had It Better' (Reprise RS 20652) February 1968

Recorded in late 1967 at American Recording Co studios in Hollywood, the flip of this record 'You've Never Had It Better' catches The Electric Prunes in a raunchy mood. The song is in complete contrast to the plug side 'Everybody Knows You're Not In Love' which is a soft pop number written by Lowe and Tulin.

But it's the psychedelic rocker 'You've Never Had It Better' that gets my nod and entry in my L.A. Select list. Check out the pulsating buzzsaw-fuzztone opening riff, straight away you know you're in for a heavy ride....settle down and take that fuzz trip.

Record Mirror - December 1967

Italian release

French release


  1. Heavy weight ! ! ! these guys ALWAYS played in the big leagues. . . like Leeds perhaps next year ? back to the main show ?

  2. Top-Shelf
    always that distinctive guitar reverb.
    This tune still sounds bombastic after all these years.
    Also cool 45 sleeves ... neat!

  3. I don't know why they show the wrong line-up on both covers. But yes, it's a GREAT song. Like the live version on Bouton Rouge too.

  4. Yet another great psych rocker from this oh so talented bunch. This was written by Lowe & Tulin
    (using pseudonyms). Another of their over looked gems is "I".


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