08. THE TURTLES - Outside Chance

 THE TURTLES - 'Outside Chance'/'We'll Meet Again' (White Whale 234) August 1966

Yet another blog entry for The Turtles, I love this group! and surely 'Outside Chance' had the class and pop charm to be a big hit but the record somehow bought a ticket to nowheresville and sank without trace making it one of the most sought after Turtles 45s to collect.

'Outside Chance' was written by Warren Zevon who at this point in time was a White Whale label stablemate and part of duo Lyme & Cybelle. Here, The Turtles offer up a folk punk version with tough 12 string guitar and an electric piano break.
The song was covered by Sounds Like Us
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Gotta dig the genius lines,

"You can try to please me, but it won't be easy,
Stone walls surround me, I'm surprised that you even found me."

THE TURTLES - Outside Chance

KRLA Beat - February 1966


  1. One of their best indeed.
    I have to thank the Chesterfield Kings that covered this on their first album way back in 1982...it did take me few years to finally hear the original version.

  2. When I was a novice of 60s garage and psych back in the early 80s I actually thought that The Chesterfield Kings wrote those songs on their debut LP...

    It took me ages to track down 'Outside Chance' on 45. Every time I found it for sale online someone beat me to the punch. In the end I think I overpaid for a copy, probably $40. BUT, I needed my own piece of folk punk magic on original vinyl.

  3. I was very surprised to see that this almost perfect pop song was not a hit. I love the Turtles too, they never took themselves too serously, yet always made great records. You can hear Zevon's original demo of this song on his "The First Sessions" CD.


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