05. THE DOVERS - The Third Eye

THE DOVERS - 'The Third Eye'/'Your Love' (Miramar 123) April 1966

The Dovers were the legendary folk rock group from Santa Barbara that released four singles on the small Hollywood label Miramar without causing much of a stir, then were gone. That was until Pebbles #2 featured their first single, the outstanding 'She's Gone' and The Dovers were vogue at last.

'The Third Eye' under the spotlight, was The Dovers third single on Miramar and although no credits are displayed on the label I'm confident that it was written by leader Tim Granada, the group's singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist. Like their earlier 45 releases it was probably recorded at Gold Star Studios.

This exquisite, eastern tinged 12 string killer is one of the earliest excursions into psychedelia, and seemingly recounts an acid experience. According to the liners of The Dovers retrospective LP on Misty Lane, in early 1966 The Dovers underwent some line-up changes and group members started to experiment with LSD.

Tim Granada's haunting vocals deliver the lines,

"Unlocked by the key and now I am free" as well as "No wings for my flight, I drift through the night"

THE DOVERS - The Third Eye

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  1. Fabulous track, probably their best, but they never put a foot wrong in my book. I will always be a sucker for a little raga rock.


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