04. THE DIRTY SHAMES - Makin' Love

THE DIRTY SHAMES - 'Makin' Love'/'I Don't Care' (Impression 112) August 1966

Los Angeles group The Dirty Shames released this great two sider on the collectable Impression Records label out of Hollywood then disappeared. Not a great deal is known about them other than the fact that they recorded a version of 'Makin' Love', originally made by The Sloths.

The Sloths also recorded for Impression Records and it's believed that this is how The Dirty Shames knew about the song and decided to record it themselves. 'Makin' Love' is an 'R&B' howler with harp and a crunching fuzz break. Not a hint of the folk rock sound Los Angeles was famous for during the period mid 1965 to the end of '66.


  1. love the way the harp follows the guitar line. That makes it a strong raging pounding rocker. And to top it off it's mastered in Exposonic Sound.


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