03. THE GLASS FAMILY - House Of Glass

THE GLASS FAMILY - 'House Of Glass' (Warner Bros WS 1776) early 1969

'House Of Glass' is the stone cold killer psychedelic lead off track from The Glass Family.

This superb piece of lysergia would have made a fabulous single but it was overlooked in favour of 'Guess I'll Let You Go'/'Agorn (Elements Of Complex Variables)' two other great songs that were taken from this overlooked album and released as a single, no doubt to promote it.
The music for the album "Electric Band" was recorded late 1968 and released early 1969.

All cuts recorded at American Recording Studios in Studio City, California and produced by Richard Podolor, who has cropped up a couple of times on my site after working with other outfits.

I reviewed their 1967 single 'Teenage Rebellion' last year here

THE GLASS FAMILY - House Of Glass (stereo)

Billboard November 1968


  1. Beautiful! Despite being incredibly busy of late, I couldn't let this song pass without comment. An incredible song and an excellent pick for your L.A. list! I distinctly remember you posting 'Teenage Rebellion' last year because I was compelled to play it over and over again -- such a kick-ass song!

  2. Yeah, thanks...It's about time Sundazed or Big Beat compiled a Glass Family retrospective. Maybe they have unissued recordings in the vaults?

    I'm hoping one of the band members gets in touch to furnish us with information about this fascinating group.

  3. A fantastic track and probably their best track from a gem packed LP. Their album "Electric Band" has recently been reissued on CD by Mandala records, but with no extra tracks. "House of Glass" did get a sort of 7" release, it was one of four tracks put onto an EP and given away with the French book "Le Rock Psychedelique Americain 1966 - 1973 Vol. 1".

  4. That dude is my father!!! So awesome, such talent. This LP is still a banger


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