02. ADRIAN LLOYD - Got A Little Woman

ADRIAN LLOYD - 'Lorna'/'Got A Little Woman' (Charger CRG-112) 1965

According to the liners of Back From The Grave - Volume 8, Adrian Lloyd was from England but relocated to Los Angeles. He then joined a surf/instrumental group called The Rumblers as their prime evil drummer, before forming his own combo Adrian and the Sunsets.

It's not known if The Sunsets backed Adrian Lloyd on this incredible two sider released on Charger Records in 1965. 'Lorna' is a terrifying listening experience due completely to Lloyd's carnal screams over a crunchin' Bo Diddley beat with surf guitar. An absolute amazing performance.

The more sedate but equally appealing flip 'Got A Little Woman' is moody and intense, again with a surf twang. Lloyd's vocals are full of edge and attitude. This guy is fucked off about something.

Few original copies of this record exist so it was with good fortune that I managed to buy a bootleg copy a few years ago when they were doing the rounds on eBbay. Copies have since dried up.


  1. Yeah, this one's great, but oh God, "Lorna" takes the cake as being one of the wildest garage punkers of all time. Excellent post.

  2. Thanks for making this rarity available for our listening pleasure, Colin. Marie


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