M.F.Q. - 'Night Time Girl'/'Lifetime' (Dunhill D-4025) April 1966

This is the second MFQ single in my 2011 Los Angeles select 50. Check out their early release 'If All You Think' at number 32.

'Night Time Girl' is adventurous folk/raga rock with a sound several groups were experimenting with during 1966/67. Here, the MFQ utilize a five string banjo and a Bouzouki to get that authentic eastern feel. The single sold reasonably well and got a mention in Billboard during April 1966 as a regional break out single.

The song was arranged and produced by the in demand Hollywood face Jack Nitzsche.

Dunhill publicity pic 1966

KRLA Beat - November 1965


  1. I think "Night Time Girl" is the best song Al Kooper ever wrote. I like the Down Children's version on Philips even more than the MFQ, though both versions are aces.

  2. My favourite version is the first one I ever heard...called "Ragazza Notte" would you believe it?
    by Italian band I Ragazzi dai Capelli Verdi (The Green-haired boys!).
    They only released two 45s, the first one in particular is fantastic,(B-side "Un tipo per lei")....these days it's much easier you'll find both tracks on the tube!
    Also connected to them were Ranger Sound of "Ricordarmi" fame.
    The latter track has been comped several times over the years being totally wild, trust me!

  3. Thanks to both of you. I'll have to check out those other recommendations.

  4. Many thanks Colin, for keeping the M.F.Q.'s flag flying, I am sure that we will get that comp eventually! Of course another killer song.

  5. Are there any tracks with the awesome Fast Eddie Hoh on them?


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