37. THE MONKEES - Words

THE MONKEES - 'Words' (first version) October 1966

This is an alternate version of 'Words', a Monkees B-Side recorded during October 1966 but never released until this take appeared on The Monkees CD 'Missing Links - Volume 2' in 1990.

This original version differs from the released remake with it's use of a flute solo instead of the Hammond B-3 organ and a psychedelic backwards tape section reminiscent of The Leaves recording from their debut studio album.

THE MONKEES - Words (stereo)


  1. I like this version so much better. Thanks for posting it!

  2. An interesting mix... which I don't think I've ever heard. I wish the lead guitar was a little louder in the mix... it has a nice searing sound, but seems somewhat buried...


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