29. THE VENTURES - Ginza Lights

THE VENTURES - 'Ginza Lights' (Liberty LBY 1323) June 1966

According to the liners on the back of The Ventures LP 'Go With The Ventures', they're described as the world's number one instrumental group. I'm not gonna argue with that, I don't know enough about instumental groups to have an opinion.

This 1966 album has it's moments and I especially like The Ventures original 'Ginza Lights' which sounds like a surfedelic spy theme tune played on those Mosrite guitars The Ventures were famous for.
One look at the credits on the back cover confirms that Bruce Botnick performed engineering duties. He was of course The Doors and Love's engineer. He also co-produced 'Forever Changes' with Arthur Lee.

THE VENTURES - Ginza Lights


  1. This was a fairly strong Ventures album, the theme was travel. There were a few songs they named for places in Japan throughout their career as they toured there so often, plus they recorded songs by Japanese songwriter Kosaku Dan many times. Somebody over there should collect up all the singles of Japanese singers singing new lyrics to existing Ventures instrumentals!

  2. A really neat tune that should have been the theme tune to the I-Spy TV series. Their version of
    "Strawberry Fields Forever" on the
    "Super Psychedelics" album is really cool as well.

  3. Thanks for letting me listen to ginza lights. It is my all time ventures favorite and makes me come alive in a way that I cannot find adequate words to express. As intoxicating and exciting as a smile from a pretty girl across a crowded room that is meant only for me!


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