25. THE BEACH BOYS - Wonderful

THE BEACH BOYS - 'Cabin Essence'/'Wonderful' (Brother Records)

Brian Wilson called 'Smile' his "teenage symphony to God" but the 1967 project was never completed and eventually got shelved as Brian's life and mind became increasingly more frazzled.

However, between dropping acid, playing with his bucket and spade in his sand pit built inside his Los Angeles mansion and stuffing his face with too many snacks between meals, he created some memorable tunes with the help from his friend and lyricist Van Dyke Parks and Hollywood's finest session players.

'Cabin Essence' at 3:30 minutes is a little too long to post so here's the flip 'Wonderful' from the 45 given away with a collectors edition of Mojo magazine last month.

Mojo: You spent time at Brian's house during the Smile sessions. Brian told me he was having fun, and didn't think there was any eccentric behaviour.  

Al Jardine: "It was a very drug induced environment and very alien to me, nauseating and uncomfortable. It was Brian's slippery slope. I wasn't trilled with Brian's excursion into the world of acid."

THE BEACH BOYS - Wonderful


  1. Oh, this one makes me remember about the mornings at my grandparents and their classic vinyls, well at least some of the biggest bands were here once...

  2. A truly beautiful track, and Al Jardine is so very wrong. If only
    Brian had written songs for the

  3. I've enjoyed "The Smile Sessions" just released a couple weeks back. It is full of lovely, complex music that only Brian could write. Carl Wilson's voice can only be described as angelic on it.


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