23. THE ZODIAC - ARIES - The Fire-Fighter

THE ZODIAC - 'ARIES - The Fire-Fighter' (Elektra EKL 4009) May 1967

'Cosmic Sounds' was a completely original album of  pioneering electronic music by Mort Garson who composed, arranged and conducted all tracks with lyrics by Jacques Wilson. Ex MFQ member Cyrus Faryan provided narration.

Each song focused on the signs of the zodiac with album opener and moog/psych rock cross-over 'Aries - Fire-Fighter' an instant winner. Infact the moog and weird sound effects dominate the whole LP. Of course, this strangeness could only have happened in the late 60s.  

Astrology has become a religious force in our time.
And in this extraordinary album, the ancient signs of the zodiac
are hauntingly evoked in a celestial fusion of poetry, music and electronic effects.
This is the love sound of the future.

THE ZODIAC - ARIES - The Fire-Fighter

Billboard advert May 1967

Billboard July 1967

Billboard June 1967


  1. Another long time favourite of mine
    but I was really impressed with the
    Billboard ad. The album was very
    popular amongst my friends. I bought my mono copy at Dobells folk
    shop in the Charing Cross Rd in '69
    for £1.00 - ah those were days...

  2. Shure nowadays its at the same price ugh? a bit more yes. . . haha.

    The astrological post of the month, i do love the lp and got a copy from a friend of mine there from Bristol.

    Pretty rare, unique and great. That mix of electronics and the lyrics its amazing.

    Heavy stuff-


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