THE US - 'Just Me' (unreleased Autumn Records recording 1965)

I've been playing the Big Beat CD 'Dance With Me' sub title 'The Autumn Teen Sound' daily for the past week and it's an absolute delight full of obscure releases on Autumn Records as well as recordings that were left in their vaults.

One such previously unreleased Autumn Records recording is the folk rock coolness of 'Just Me'/'How Can I Tell Her'. According to the liners, this single was shelved when The Us fell out with label owner Tom Donahue and Autumn Records producer Sly Stewart. They felt that the songs needed a string arrangement but The Us leader Bob Segarini refused his songs being 'sweetened' in such a way. A tough stance to have when your group hasn't even released a record.

Neither side backed down and this stalemate meant that the proposed 45 was never released and despite huge promise, The Us broke up soon after.

During their short lifespan The Us were based in San Francisco, although they were regulars to the Sunset Strip during the folk rock boom of 1965. The picture above shows them outside hip club London Fog on Sunset Blvd.

Bob Segarini formed The Family Tree following the demise of The Us.


  1. this song by "US" is an absolutely beautiful little tune.
    Smooth, mellow and flowing.
    Thanks Colin.


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