THE TIKIS - 'If I've Been Dreaming'/'Pay Attention To Me' (Autumn Records 18) June 1965

The Tikis were a popular surf group from Santa Cruz but had not released any records until they signed to Autumn Records and changed their music style in keeping with the so called British Invasion sound.
'If I've Been Dreaming' was a decent but safe stab at beat music and surpringsly was not compiled on those Big Beat Autumn CD releases from the 90s. Perhaps the master tapes were missing?

The flip 'Pay Attention To Me' is a merseybeat inspired mover where the singer is trying hard to keep up with the backbeat. His vocals are not that convincing but the rhythm section is, particular the swingin' guitar break.

More Tikis singles would be released in 65/66 with no success but with the addition of ex Beau Brummels drummer John Peterson some time in early 1967 and a change of name to The Harpers Bizarre their time had come with a hit version of Paul Simon's '59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)'....

THE TIKIS - Pay Attention To Me

Ted Templeman (drums)
Dickie Scoppettone (rhythm guitar)
Dick Yount (bass)
Ed James (lead guitar)


  1. Hey COLIN---

    Ted Templeman became a big "producer" for Warner Brotherz Recordz in the 70z.

    Best alwayz---

    "mad" louie

  2. I've just found his wikipedia page and I never realized that Ted Templeman was so successful - producing many hit records.


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