THE SAGES - In The Beginning'/'I'm Not Going To Cry' (RCA Victor 47-8760) January 1966

Jim W, a regular contributor to my site, suggested that I take a look at an obscure record he had by The Sages. I have this record in my collection and always assumed that because it was on an American label that The Sages were from USA. The music on both sides of the disc certainly sounded American to me.

I started researching the group and discovered that their lead singer was Trevor Brice who had enormous worldwide fame with late 60s English band Vanity Fare. Indeed three members of The Sages were also present in Vanity Fare.

Trevor Brice has his own website and much of the information and group pics were uploaded from his site. It transpires that The Sages started life as a beat combo in 1962 calling themselves The Avengers. Group members all hailed from the Medway Towns of Kent, England and were regulars on the circuit. Sometime in 1965 they became The 4 Avengers, eventually getting a record deal to release a single in USA. However, due to contractual reasons they had to change their name from The 4 Avengers to The Sages.

'In The Beginning' was released in USA (only) during January 1966 and the record got a write-up in music industry magazine Cash Box at that time. The A-Side is a strange song with religious overtones based on the Book of Genesis.

The real deal is on the flip though. 'I'm Not Going To Cry' is a medium paced folk rocker with some haunting vocals from Trevor Brice and jangle guitar. The drum action from Bob Pluck is also impressive.
Both songs were written by local Medway songwriters Johnny Keith and Derek Webb who wrote several songs for Joe Brown. The producer, Lionel Segal was very active during the 60s and eventually became co-owner of hip indie label Strike Records.

Trevor Brice (vocals)
Tony Goulden (lead guitar)
Tony Jarret (bass)
Bob Pluck (drums)

THE SAGES - I'm Not Going To Cry

The 4 Avengers - 1965


  1. Wow one of my favorites! Thanks for giving us the real story behind this great 45.

  2. Clear that with this sound, we have pretty difficulties to know from where they were.
    Thank you for this nugget.

  3. The Sages remind me of very early Gene Clark fronted Byrds/Beefeaters/Jet Set, but smoother.

  4. This is a sublime little gem, the sort of classic that slips through the net so often. Rebecca is spot on with her Gene Clark analogy.

  5. thanks for sharing Colin.... I'll feature in The Beginning (and probably some more trax you''ve posted) on the upcoming Tommyknockers-series

  6. That's OK Michael, as long as you give a credit etc....

  7. Lee Fairbrother27 March 2018 at 10:21

    As much as a good drummer Bob Pluck was it was actually me, Lee (Willum) Fairbrother who was the fourth Member of the Sages. Pleased to put record straight. Trevor and myself are still in contact.


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